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  1. To provide accurate and consistent information while facilitating the communication of A.A. services, information, and activities provided in and around York, Pa. of York County (District 45 within Area 59, Eastern Pennsylvania General Service Area) by carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to persons of interest;
  2. To encourage participation of nonmembers, members, groups, and committees of A.A. via mass media dissemination through the use of new technologies available today.



The York Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous owns the domain name “” and is the final authority for its use and content. Problems associated with the content on the website shall be resolved by a group conscience of the Intergroup Representatives on the Public Information Committee (PI) of the York Area Intergroup (YAI). The Public Information Committee has been given administrative responsible of the York Area Intergroup’s website by the York Area Intergroup.


The Public Information Committee shall review and approve, by group conscience, the content published on the website. The website will provide links mainly to AA related sites. Links to the A.A. General Service Office (GSO) and the A.A. Grapevine may be made with no qualification or reservation. Links to other AA related websites or non-A.A. websites will be made with the caveat that they are not GSO-approved. Those menu pages will include a disclaimer break for those links. No direct, outside advertising with the intent to sell goods or special services is to be used on the website. E-mail will be the primary means of communication between users of the website and the York Area Intergroup and cooperatively with the A.A. entity District 45. The last names of members of A.A. are never to be used. Personal phone numbers cannot be used without the explicit approvals of the owner and with the approval of PI in join agreement.


The Public Information Committee of the York Area Intergroup shall appoint the Webmaster and Alternate Webmaster and both are members of the Public Information Committee while the Webmaster has the status of committee chair. The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the website. The Webmaster is responsible to the York Area Intergroup’s Public Information Committee (PI) and shall report website activities/problems at the regular PI meetings. Duties to include, but not limited to, updating meeting information, update calendar of events, conferences or conventions, history, links for AA information or functions and events, perform administrative functions (such as email set up, updating billing information, site backup, etc.), attend PI /YAI meetings, generate a monthly website usage report for PI, and maintain a file of accurate group meetings for publishing on website.


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Suggested length of sobriety: 4 years–Webmaster and Alt-Webmaster. Suggested pool of

Candidates: persons with prior District/group service experience in A.A. Suggested technical background: persons who manage, have managed websites of businesses they work for or their own business, past design experience or as a hobby in creation of website(s), or who have a computer technical background. Suggested commitment length: 2 years each position. The outgoing Webmaster agrees to stay on in a training/security role (two/three persons should know the passwords at all times).


The Alt-webmaster serves 2 years during the term of the incoming Webmaster. The alt-webmaster should be ready at any moment to assume the full duties of the Webmaster. An additional duty for the alt-webmaster shall be the accurate accumulation of information pertaining to area meetings for the publication of meeting cards and card inventory while relaying that information to the publisher of the cards and to the Webmaster.


The PI committee for direction and governing of the York Area Website uses A.A. publication M27, Public Information Workbook, as its guide.

  1. The Webmaster and alt-webmaster (a part of the Public Information Committee) are responsible for the selection of content on the Web-site with approval of PI;
  2. The content is primarily drawn from existing A.A. materials but not limited to;
  3. The Web-site provides contact information and assistance by including a list of Central Offices, Intergroups, Answering Services, and may include other contact information for those A.A. members traveling in other areas of the STATE/USA/WORLD or in need of information thereof;
  4. The Web-site includes disclaimer breaks to all links, including Alcoholics Anonymous World Service and to the A.A. Grapevine;
  5. Our current website policies and guidelines for the INTERGROUP owned site ( are subject to review and revision by the Public Information Committee/Intergroup;
  6. The policies and guidelines of the York A.A. site, developed by the Public Information Committee are open to all members/nonmembers to view;
  7. The York Area Public Information Committee welcomes suggestions for York’s A.A. website. Suggestions, corrections, or items of interest may be emailed directly to the webmaster and items submitted for use must be in either Adobe® Acrobat®, Microsoft® WORD format, jpg/mov/png formats, and if sponsoring events through a website-please include the http:// address for the event so we may provide a link, if approved, on our website;
  8. Items submitted for use must have all phone numbers and individual member(s) e-mail addresses removed unless they are needed as contact info for the event or activity; and,
  9. All items suggested for the website become the sole property of YORK AREA PUBLIC INFORMATION COMMITTEE and will not be returned.

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